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Principal Investigator: Jennifer A. Pellowski, PhD

Welcome to the Women's Health Interventions and Transitions (WHIT) Research Group. We are based at the Brown University School of Public Health in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Our research focuses on global women’s health from a behavioral and social perspective. Our work considers women’s experiences across the life course, with particular emphasis on adolescence/young adulthood and pregnancy/postpartum, to understand how changes in motivations and behaviors impact health across time and during key life transitions.

We are particularly interested in HIV treatment and prevention, patient-provider communication, reproductive health and fertility decisions, women’s empowerment and resilience, mental health, social determinants of health, and poverty. The long-term goal of our research group is to improve global health disparities in women’s health through culturally relevant and context sensitive interventions.

WHIT Research Group includes students and trainees at the undergraduate, Master's, and PhD levels.

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